What's coming in ChangeBASE 6.1?

It's been a little while since I've been active on this blog, so I thought it was about time I updated you guys with some exciting news: The release of ChangeBASE 6.1 is now imminent and there are some significant changes which are going to make your lives a lot easier when using our product. These are the headline changes:

  • NEW FEATURE: Internet Explorer 11 automated compatibility testing
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom Conversion Technology ("CCT"). You can now use whichever repackaging or virtualization tool you like in ChangeBASE through CCTs. These allow you to specify tool for the conversion, then automate your repackaging/virtualization tasks (screenshot below)
  • NEW FEATURE: Repackage in ChangeBASE using MSI Studio. In ChangeBASE 6.1 there's a built in CCT for MSI Studio. This provides automated repackaging of your EXEs using MSI Studio rather than the proprietary ChangeBASE repackager (previously known as "Convert-It")
  • NEW FEATURE: External Data. This allows you to use an SQL or CSV data source and import the data into ChangeBASE and automatically match it up with the applications you've imported. This data can be displayed in the Applications screen, used in custom checks, or displayed in customer reports, and can be automatically refreshed periodically. It will typically be used to import data from asset management systems to display install counts or usage frequency info for applications in ChangeBASE
  • ENHANCEMENT: "Force Refresh" button on the Import screen. This allows you to force a refresh of the MSI and MST files in the Import screen. Very handy where changes have not been picked up
  • ENHANCEMENT: Drill down widgets in the Dashboard. This allows you to double click certain pie-charts and bar graphs in the Dashboard and get a list of items in that chart (Screenshot below)

There are loads of other enhancements which I've not listed here. 

I've been using the release candidate for my application compatibility testing and application virtualization tasks for a couple of weeks, and I find the new features build perfectly on the 6.0 functionality. We're hoping to release it within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out here for announcements: https://www.quest.com/products/changebase/


Custom Conversion Technologies

Dashboard drill-down showing red apps for a specific platform: